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The Importance of Clinical Photography in Aesthetic Medicine

screenshotsThe field of Aesthetic Medicine has grown tremendously over the past twenty years. This is due in part to baby boomers, who are now growing older but still desire to look young and fresh find here. Many of them have the finances to take advantage of anti-aging creams, cosmetics and surgical procedures that can turn back time for them.

As Aesthetic Medicine has grown, doctors, researchers and others have spent billions developing more effective treatments and procedures that are minimally invasive and yet still offer excellent results.  These treatments include Dermal Fillers, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, Laser & IPL, Venous Treatment, Body Contouring, and Cellulite Treatments.


The Before & After Photos

One of the more important tools in the arsenal of Aesthetic Medicine is clinical photography.  Anyone spending money and time on some type of treatment to improve their physical appearance will want to see great before and after photos.  This is the most effective way to show a patient that the treatment has definitely worked and their appearance has dramatically changed.

These before and after photos also become the physician’s best advertising material. People considering some type of aesthetic treatment peruse the websites and carefully examine those before and after photos.  Patients may place even more confidence in these clinical photos than the physician’s medical training.

This assigns an additional level of importance on producing the very best quality photos possible. Those doctors who understand this and invest in excellent clinical photography equipment often reap the benefits through stronger word of mouth advertising. As with just about all sales and marketing, word of mouth remains the most effective form of publicity.


Protect & Enhance Your Reputation


You can spend thousands of dollars on an advertising campaign and have it ruined by just a few careless comments left online about your practice. Countless doctors have learned this lesson the hard way. Happy patients mean referrals and patients who can visually see the difference in the way they look after the procedure are sure to share their excitement with others.


Social Media Has Changed Everything!


This takes on a whole new measure of significance when you consider how social media has changed our lives in the last few years. Nowadays, you can instantly see photographs on Facebook of your friends on vacation at Disneyworld. People share just about everything now on sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. They’ll photograph and post the steak they just grilled, their kid’s volley ball game, their wife’s new car, and the roses that just bloomed outside their front door.


People Expect Better Photographs from Doctors


Consumers not only expect detailed before and after photographs but they insist on quality as well.  Most smartphones take pretty decent pictures. How much more outstanding should a physician’s photos be? Simply put, patients expect this and doctors who provide it can count on staying busier than those who don’t.


The Importance of Clinical Photography


Why spend thousands of dollars on a new and more advanced laser while still using old, worn-out photo equipment that isn’t able to capture the excellent results it gives? These are just a few of the things that today’s physicians are considering as they move forward with their service offerings.


Dramatically improving a patient’s physical appearance is one thing, but being able to photograph that change is what will keep patients coming back. The field of Aesthetic Medicine can be expected to continue to grow and develop; it’s not just a new fad that will fade away in a few years.


The Future Looks Good for Aesthetic Medicine


People want to enjoy good health, but they also want to be physically attractive and have proven that they will do whatever possible to minimize the effects of normal aging.  For physicians in the field of Aesthetic Medicine, this means staying up-to-date on the latest discoveries and improvements, including professional clinical photography equipment.


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Chris Cabell is the co-founder and CTO of AppwoRx. Recognized as an innovator in the field of mHealth and pHealth (Participatory Health), Chris speaks regularly at Health and Technology events throughout the US. Chris is passionate about global mHealth initiatives because he sees the potential to create technology that is disruptive to the industry and deeply impactful to those it helps.