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  • optimizing-Acne-Treatment
    Optimizing Acne Treatment: The Importance of the First Follow-up
    By Steven Leon, MS, PA-C

    Acne is a complex, multidimensional disease that is best treated by formulating a comprehensive treatment plan on the first visit (See the first article in this series “Optimizing Acne Treatment,” available online at, for detailed instruction on how to do this). The first follow-up is just as important. This is the time to measure efficacy and compliance and to reinforce key messages. It is also the time to make adjustments to the regimen and to discuss acne sequela, if necessary (scars, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, and post-inflammatory erythema). This seems like a lot of information to cover, and it is, but with proper planning it can easily be done.

  • Improve-Acne-Treatment
    By Steven Leon, MS, PA-C

    Acne is one of the most complex, multifaceted, and challenging diseases we treat in dermatology. It takes four to six weeks for most patients to begin to see improvement, there is often poor patient compliance, insurance coverage for medications is increasingly restrictive, and it can be difficult to assess the effectiveness of the treatment regimen. These difficulties often leave both patients and providers frustrated with slow progress and setbacks. However, for every challenge we encounter there are also solutions and many ways to improve acne treatment. By using new methods and tools tremendous strides towards clearer skin and faster results can be made. Ahead are 10 ways to improve acne treatment.

  • vein_magazine
    Smartphone Technology
    Improve Your Vein Practice

    How can AppwoRx benefit a vein practice? With AppwoRx and an iPhone, iTouch, iPad, or Android phone, the once tedious photographic process is now standardized and becomes efficient and routine. There are no cords, no plugs, no special training or special lighting requirements or rooms that need to be set aside. The images are automatically stored in the cloud, so accessing records from anywhere is simple and immediate. The web interface is a powerful tool for managing photography. Photographs can also be integrated into EMR systems. AppwoRx has a report generation tool that allows a clinician to create branded and customized reports for marketing, expectation management, and insurance use. Users can also use preset photo filters for color correction or to highlight hard-to-see veins.

  • vein_magazine
    Mobile Clinical Photography for Wound Care and Beyond
    BY Christopher Cabell

    From its inception in 2010, the Soffer Health Institute (SHI), a multidisciplinary medical practice in South Florida, has relied upon clinical photography as an integral part of its practice for pre- and post- operative tracking of treatment, provider collaboration and insurance billing. As technology for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases has improved vastly in the ensuing years, so too have the fields of photography and mobile communication. But with this new technology comes a greater expectation for applying these advancements to health care.

  • doc-pat-comm
    by Marcia Heroux Pounds

    Dr. Ariel Soffer was on an airplane when one of his patients was desperately trying to reach him.Through his clinical photography app, his patient was able to text the doctor a photo of her leg after recent varicose vein surgery.Soffer had connected to the app through the plane’s Wi-Fi and was able to reassure the patient that what she was experiencing after the surgery was normal. That put her at ease and avoided a costly trip to the hospital.

  • doctor_ans_pat
    WSVN Miami
    Doctor answers patients with app

    “…I wanted to see what was going with my patients in a legal way, in a privacy protected way, a beautiful and convenient way, and that’s what the app does. It shows me what’s going with this patient,” said Dr. Ariel Soffer, a board certified cardiologist who heads the Soffer Health institute in Miami, FL.

    Dr. Soffer created the free Soffer Vein application for iPhones and Android smartphones. It serves as a virtual consultation for patients who have questions before or after treatment. Robin Gale has undergone several different treatments for her varicose veins. She said the app has saved her time. “I had a little pain and discomfort in one area, so I took a photo and sent it and he sent me back a message saying it was all normal,” she said.

  • vein_therapy_news
    Vein Therapy News
    An app for that
    by Larry Storer

    If you had a way to increase revenue by up to 40 percent and at the same time cut down on employee costs, manage patient expectations, and differentiate your practice from the competion, would you pick up a phone and make a call? Well, as the cliched marketing phrase goes, “There’s an app for that”.
    No, really, there is an app for that.

    Ariel Soffer, MD and board certified cardiologys and varicose vein care specialist, has developed ApwoRx, a downloadable app for iPhone and Android that provides cirtual consultation – Including patient’s photograph of the concern area.

  • doc-pat-comm
    Florida Sun-Sentinel
    New apps a shot in the arm for doctor-patient communication
    by Nicole Brochu

    You have a rash or a small wound, and you want to know whether it’s anything to worry about. No need to make a doctor appointment. Your smartphone will see you now.

    An app created by South Florida cardiologist Dr. Ariel Soffer allows you to use your smartphone to take a photo and send it to your physician to determine whether you need medical attention.

  • smartphone_tech
    South Florida Business Journal
    Smartphone technology and the medical practice

    The amazing photograph capabilities in smartphones and tablets have made photos extremely sharp, and the ability to evaluate issues is not compromised because the photos are taken on an iPhone or Android device. Patients who have had a procedure are often concerned about the healing process, and very normal responses can look alarming. A photo sent using an app can offer nearly immediate reassurance.

    Doctors are always looking for ways to improve. With so much talk of health care costs and insurance, it is wise for doctors to seek out means of making their business more effective and communication a primary concern. Apps can do that.


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