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Take Control of Your Clinical Photography in 2016!

A new year is always a good opportunity to explore ways to improve your practices efficiency and profitability. If you find yourself struggling with medial photography, RxPhoto may be just the tool you need to take control of your medical photography in 2016. RxPhoto employs mobile and cloud technologies to streamline the process of capturing, cataloging and managing medical photos. The software is poised to become the industry standard for clinical photography by providing physicians and clinicians with a mobile alternative to traditionally expensive and bulky clinical photography hardware.

1. Speed
RxPhoto saves valuable time by streamlining the process of capturing and managing photos. Clinicians who use a traditional digital camera spend an average of 14 minutes per patient encounter snapping photos, transferring images and labeling photos. RxPhoto users average 4 minutes per patient encounter.


RxPhoto: Image Guide Illustrations

2. Consistency
RxPhoto improves the consistency of your photos by providing a wide range of tools to help your staff take accurate before and after photos every time. The software uses the mobile device’s accelerometer to tell you if you are holding the camera straight. Illustrated guides also provide the user with guides for aligning various anatomy areas. RxPhoto also provides users with a patented “Ghosting” feature which dramatically improves photo consistency by enabling them to use a previous photo as a guide when taking a new photo.

3. Accessibility
Using cloud-based photo storage means that your staff will be able to access photos from any office computer or mobile device, all while remaining fully compliant with HIPAA. You’ll be able to track patient treatment more efficiently while also communicating progress in a simplified, easy-to-access and visual manner. AppwoRx also enables you to facilitate inter-office referrals, supplement insurance claims, illustrate services and thoroughly engage patients on a more personal level.


4. Privacy
Mobile device storage does not meet HIPAA compliance standards and practices who use mobile devices to capture and store medical photos could be subject to large fines. RxPhoto provides a HIPAA compliant solution for your mobile device by pushing images directly to a HIPAA compliant cloud server. Users can be managed by your administrator and all user activity is logged and easily accessible, ensuring your practice complies with the most stringent HIPAA compliance standards.

5. Reliability
More than 500 physicians around the world rely on RxPhoto to capture and manage their medical photography. To date the platform is used to manage more than 2.5 million medical photos in a wide range of hospitals and private practices. The software is becoming recognized as the industry standard for mobile medical photography.

Are you ready to take charge of your medical photography this year? The first step is to schedule a short demo of the RxPhoto software to see how it can help you improve the level of care in your hospital or practice. Click the link below to schedule a demo:


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Chris Cabell is the co-founder and CTO of AppwoRx. Recognized as an innovator in the field of mHealth and pHealth (Participatory Health), Chris speaks regularly at Health and Technology events throughout the US. Chris is passionate about global mHealth initiatives because he sees the potential to create technology that is disruptive to the industry and deeply impactful to those it helps.