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AppwoRx Case Study                                                                                                    



Create a “Mobile call to action” for individuals suffering from venous disease and wishing to take an active role in their diagnosis and treatment.

The Need:

Angiodynamics (NYSE: ANGO) manufactures lasers and laser fibers used in endovenous laser vein treatment. With facilities in the United States, Europe and Asia, Angiodynamics  boasts 1,400 employees worldwide and through direct sales and distributors currently sells in more than 50 markets.

Angiodynamics provides innovative products to its network of physicians. Additionally, Angiodynamics has always taken a proactive role in generating awareness around vein disease.  Their vein education campaigns have helped sufferers understand that spider and varicose veins are more than a mere cosmetic issue. they may be an indicator of a deeper underlying problem.  By promoting this awareness, Angiodynamics assists in fostering new business for providers using their products by selecting specific markets, generating leads, and targeting the selected demographics with public awareness campaigns focused on vein disease.

Angiodynamics saw the need to complement their awareness campaign with a specific call to action in the form of a tool that would enable individuals suffering from vein disease to take the first step toward addressing their venous issues.  Angiodynamics partnered with AppwoRx to create Vein Consults. 

The solution:

Using Vein Consults, patients suffering from vein disease are able to access educational information about causes of the condition, frequently asked questions, and treatment options.

Additionally, a “Consultation Gateway,” allows a patient to submit photos of their vein disease directly from their smartphone to a cloud-based clinical aggregator.  The photos, along with pertinent contact information, are then routed to an Angiodynamics-affiliated physician, who can utilize Vein Consults’ lead tracking mechanism to track and manage their leads.  From there, providers are also able to add lead dispositions to track the progress of treatment.

In addition, AppwoRx has created an administrative management tool that allows Angiodynamics to track the effectiveness of awareness campaigns by providing analytic data on regional lead conversion.

The Result:

Affiliated physicians receive leads from patients who wish to take an active role in their own health care.  Angiodynamics is able to track ROI from specific marketing campaign, and individuals suffering from vein disease receive education and treatment from qualified physicians.