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Patient engagement has been referred to as the “Blockbuster Drug of the Century  (link to ) for its tremendous impact on health outcomes. 

The need is strong. Payers are continually seeking to drive down healthcare costs, yet realize that relying on traditional methods will not meet the challenge. Using their own employees, IBM studied patient retention of instructions given by their physicians. The employees forgot more than 60% of what they were told within one day despite being healthier and smarter than the average citizen.

It is now widely proven that when patients assume a more active role, outcomes improve.  HRSA, in explaining its goals behind Meaningful Use says this “Patients who are well informed of their medical condition are more likely to comply with their provider’s recommended regimen.  They are also better able to communicate important health information to their providers, which can assist providers with their diagnosis and care plans.”

The quantum improvement in the depth and breadth of communication seen in the consumer Internet is just now beginning to have a strong impact on healthcare. New healthcare-specific communication tools are emerging to respond to the changing expectations of consumers.  

Appworx connects physicians and patients through its unique communications platform, including simple secure messaging, photography, video and more. Providers can send and receive information securely to patients, at convenient times. Activity is tracked for later reference and reporting.

Better outcomes. Happier patients.