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New Features Coming to RxPhoto

New Features Coming to RxPhoto – AppwoRx is pleased to announce the addition of several exciting new features to RxPhoto, our popular clinical photography tool. Users will begin to see some of these enhancements in the coming weeks, with the majority becoming available by the new year. Here are a few of the new features you can expect to see:

Diagnosis & Treatment Cataloging – At the request of a number of our physicians, we are giving users the ability to add treatment types and diagnoses to the patient’s record. The diagnosis or treatment can be chosen from a list of hundreds of options, or you can create a custom tag. This feature will help clinicians easily find and reference patient images that are relevant to specific treatments, streamlining the process of collecting before and after photos for marketing or reviewing results for training purposes.

reportCustom Marketing Reports – Current users will note that this feature has recently been implemented. Users may now use pre-defined blocks of content to create in-depth marketing reports for their patients or referring physicians. Users can either generate their own original content or select from the wealth of content provided by AppwoRx, including information on diagnosis, treatment descriptions, and post-treatment care instructions, and modify as desired. Users are also encouraged to add physician bios or custom fields of data. Additionally, some physicians have used the content manager to create custom forms for streamlining insurance per-authorizations.




Before and After PhotosEnhanced Image Gallery – iPhone and iPad users will soon be able to navigate more easily through a patient’s previous photos by utilizing an enhanced image gallery. Users will be able to quickly reference previous photos or show before and after images.





Draw& Annotate – This feature will allow users to mark and annotate photos with brushes, drawing tools and custom shapes. This will help providers to illustrate services or create a record for later discussion.





Secure Collaboration –   The AppwoRx secure collaboration feature will allow our users to coordinate care in real time from their computer or mobile device. Images and video can be sent to individuals or groups utilizing a staff directory. Recipients are notified via email, SMS or Push Notification. Delivery receipts can be sent back to the sender to alert them that the messages were received, read or responded to.





EMR Integrations–  AppwoRx is now fully integrated with Streamline and Greenway EMRs.  This means your images are pushed directly to the patient record.





As always, the AppwoRx team is eager to hear your feedback on how we can improve our products. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with your comments and recommendations!

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Chris Cabell is the co-founder and CTO of AppwoRx. Recognized as an innovator in the field of mHealth and pHealth (Participatory Health), Chris speaks regularly at Health and Technology events throughout the US. Chris is passionate about global mHealth initiatives because he sees the potential to create technology that is disruptive to the industry and deeply impactful to those it helps.