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AppwoRx 2.0 Feature List

We’ve put together a new marketing video for AppwoRx which will give you a sneak peek at the new look and feel of the application, along with some of the new features. You can view our new marketing video here:

AppwoRx For Clinical Photography from Chris Cabell on Vimeo.

Photo Gallery Enhancements –

We’ve added a number of enhancements to the image gallery to make it easier to view and manage your photos from your iPad or iPhone. Additionally we’ve made some changes under the hood that will make the speed of the gallery much faster than in previous versions of the application.

Image Tags –

The applications new interface will make it easier to add diagnosis and treatment tags to your patient’s record. We have provided a number of standard tags including CEAP classifications. You will also be able to create and manage your own custom diagnosis and treatment tags through the AppwoRx website.

Patient Marketing & Education –

The biggest change to our application will be seen by our iPad users. The new version of AppwoRx will have a “Patient Education Portal” that will give the user access to a wealth of vein related images, diagrams, videos, before & after photos and much more. This content will help you and your staff market services and educate your patients at the point of care. We’ve provided you with a wealth of content, but you may also customize the application with your own personalized content.

Health-VU –

In addition to the patient education functionality in the mobile application, AppwoRx will also be rolling out a new patient engagement tool called Health-VU.COM. Health-VU will allow you to create a patient education portal directly from your iPad device. As you share content with patients in your office, you will also be able to share that content to a secure patient portal. In addition to marketing and education content, clinicians can share the patient’s clinical photos so they may view them in the privacy of their own home best weight loss tablets. Patients can log into Health-VU through a HIPAA compliant gateway and re-live their consultation with family or key influencers.

We are very excited about these new features and we are looking forward to speaking to you about them. If you are interested in learning more about the Health-VU platform we will be doing personal webinars in the coming weeks to help you learn how you can use this service to market your practice. To schedule one of these webinars, please email me directly at

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Chris Cabell is the co-founder and CTO of AppwoRx. Recognized as an innovator in the field of mHealth and pHealth (Participatory Health), Chris speaks regularly at Health and Technology events throughout the US. Chris is passionate about global mHealth initiatives because he sees the potential to create technology that is disruptive to the industry and deeply impactful to those it helps.