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Plastic Surgery
Medical Spa
General Surgery
Interventional Radiology
Cosmetic Dermatology
Weight loss medicine
Medical spa
Chicago, IL
Cosmetic Dermatology
Vascular Surgery
Diagnostic radiology, Cosmetic facial injections
Venous and Lymphatic Medicine

Chris Pittman, MD

Venous and Lymphatic Medicine

St. Petersburg, Florida

Q1: What kind of medicine do you practice?
Venous and Lymphatic Medicine

Q2: How long have you been practicing medicine?
over 20 years

Q3: How long have you been using AppwoRx (Roughly)
2 years

Q4: How do you use photography used in your practice? (IE Marketing, Insurance Pre- Auth / Reimbursement, Expectation Management, Compliance, etc)
Patient engagement, Marketing, Insurance Reimbursement

Q5: What were some of the pain points of your prior photography solution?
Cumbersome Storage, Difficult to Catalog Properly, Lack of Consistency in Photos

Q6: How has AppwoRx improved your ability to capture, catalog and manage patient photos?
Very easy to use and versatile for staff in a busy, fast moving practice.

Q7: Would you recommend AppwoRx to other Physicians?
Yes I would.